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Important Guidelines for Safeguarding Your Renewable Heat Incentive

With the closure of the Renewable Heat Incentive to new applicants, OFGEM and BSL now have more available time and are conducting more audits than ever before. Should they discover that a recipient lacks the necessary permits and permissions, they will promptly inform the local authorities that a government-funded installation is non-compliant.

19 December 2023 / Alexander Franklin

Ranheat will be at COP 28 and the Big 5 Global Exhibition in Dubai

Turn you wood waste into electricity. Connecting your Industrial Biomass boiler to an Organic Rankine Cycle engine can turn your excess thermal energy into electricity.

2 December 2023 / Alexander Franklin

Can I Generate Electricity from my Industrial Biomass Boiler?

Turn you wood waste into electricity. Connecting your Industrial Biomass boiler to an Organic Rankine Cycle engine can turn your excess thermal energy into electricity.

28 November 2023 / Alexander Franklin

Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in a Wood-Fired Heating System

Wholesale gas prices in the UK have surged six-fold in recent years, and this increase will inevitably be passed on to the woodworking industry. Fortunately, the UK woodworking industry possesses the means to alleviate its energy challenges. The answer: a wood-fired heating system.

24 November 2023 / Alexander Franklin

Installing a Wood-Fired Heating System: Let the Crane Take the Strain

The location of the dust extraction system often dictates the site of a wood-fired industrial heating system. Generally, when installing an integrated dust extraction and industrial wood-fired heating system, you don’t want it at the front of your premises. Often, dust extraction systems are installed at the rear.

21 November 2023 / Alexander Franklin

Cost of a Biomass Boiler Installation: Choosing the Right System to Meet Your Energy Demands

Before diving into the installation of an industrial biomass boiler, meticulous consideration of several pivotal factors is paramount. Foremost among these considerations is a thorough evaluation of your unique energy requirements. By conducting a comprehensive assessment, you can embark on your biomass boiler installation with confidence, assured of its value as an investment. This endeavor promises not only economic advantages but also a commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

22 September 2023 / Alexander Franklin

Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Biomass Boiler Installation Checklist

Delve into the core of biomass boilers with this detailed installation checklist: fuel sourcing, types, delivery, storage, and ash handling. Discover the pivotal role each element plays during installation.

23 August 2023 / Alexander Franklin

What can an Industrial Wood Waste Boiler Burn?

There are many environmental and commercial benefits of recovering energy from waste wood, on a large or smaller scale. The UK have set targets to not only divert and reduce the biodegradable waste from landfill. At the same time, an objective of the government’s energy review is to reduce the reliance on electricity and heat

19 October 2021 / Fraser Smith

Are Wood Pellets as Green as they could be?

Wood Pellets are commonly used in small and large biomass systems but is there a hidden enviromental cost to them?

13 October 2021 / Alexander Franklin

The transition from Solvent-Based to Water-Based Paints, its environmental impact and how industrial biomass boilers can help

Solvent based paints and finishes are being replaced by water based alternatives, what are the unintentional environmental and sustainability impacts of this trend and what can Ranheat do to help.

11 October 2021 / Alexander Franklin

Ranheat offers solution to UK Woodworking Industry’s ‘Gas Crisis’

The woodworking industry is a significant consumer of natural gas. With gas prices on the rise, what can Industrial Biomass boilers do to solve the energy crysis?

1 October 2021 / Alexander Franklin

Ranheat Provides Excellent Biomass Solution to Lilleshall Hall

Overview of the Ranheat Biomass District Heating Scheme at Lilleshall. Looking at the challenges that were overcome in the installation.

9 July 2021 / Alexander Franklin