Industrial Wood Waste Silos

Industrial Wood Waste Storage

Our silos are made in our Northampton factory are perfect for bulk storage of industrial wood waste. They have been used in as a part of our industrial biomass system for over 35 years. Storage of wood waste is a very difficult problems as wood waste does have the consistent properties of grain or other bulk materials. Wood waste can be a variety of particle sizes, different moisture contents and virgin wood or manmade board.

We have a mixture of mechanisms and form factors to be able to fit in the spaces required and filling methods. We sell our silos to end users, system integrators and dust extraction companies.

Conical Bottomed Silos
Best Storage to Layout Ratio

Our conical bottomed silos have a design lineage that goes back to the mid-1980s at Ranheat. Over the years we have perfected this single motor mechanism that can shift and agitate the most challenging industrial wood waste. Able to cope with dust, shavings and wood chip with just minor adjustments in control and apertures. They are the best choice when inlet height is not important.


Bunker Silos

Best for Lower Fill Points

Bunker silos can be a great option for integrating into existing systems. Bunkers have a lower profile than conical silos and can be fitted in place of skips under existing wood conveying outlets. Also, extremely useful if you have existing plant and machinery that tip material in the top of silos.


Automatic Rake Systems

Flexible Fuel Delivery

Automatic Rake systems can accept fuel delivered by simple moving floor trailers. Material is just dumped on the floor in the automatic rake zone. When the delivery vehicle is out of the way the rake will come and stack the material up ready to be pushed into the outfeeder. Other key features are the extremely low power usage. Power usage can be as little as 1kW as there is no power hungry pneumatic fans.


Standard Sizes

Special Fuel Storage

For when you need something specific

Sometimes a bespoke solution is required to make use of existing storage bays or bunkers. Maybe space is at a real premium and a special solutions is required to fit.

Type Storage m3
2m 1 ring 6
2m x 3m Bunker 10
2m x 4m Bunker 14
3m 1 ring 14
3m 2 ring 28
4m 1 ring 25
4m 2 ring 50
4m 3 ring 75
5m 1 ring 40
5m 2 ring 80
5m 3 ring 120
5m 4 ring 160
6m 3 ring 169
6m 4 ring 225
6m 5 ring 280




Recycle your wood waste

No waste disposal costs

Burn up to 100% of wood waste

Cleaner energy

Reduce fuel miles

Save money


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