Industrial Biomass Boiler

If you are looking for a sustainable option for efficient and eco-friendly heating, why not consider investing in an industrial biomass boiler system? At Ranheat, our cutting-edge biomass boilers offer a game-changing alternative for businesses keen on joining the green revolution. With their ability to utilise organic materials, these boilers provide a clean and cost-effective heating solution, helping you achieve your sustainability goals while maximising energy efficiency.

What is an
Industrial Biomass Boiler?

Versatile and sustainable, industrial biomass boilers can burn industrial wood waste to provide heat for various industrial processes while offering significant cost savings. With a ton of wood waste containing the equivalent of £410 worth of natural gas, they enable customers to reduce their expenses, as wood waste is readily available onsite or can be obtained at a lower cost per kilowatt-hour compared to fossil fuel alternatives.

Embracing biomass boiler systems is not just a short-term fix; it represents the long-term future of supporting industrial processes. By transitioning from fossil fuels to industrial wood waste as an energy source, companies can achieve greater energy efficiency and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Whether it’s space heating, kilning, drying, or curing, industrial wood waste boilers can release 4100kWh of energy in a ton of wood, effectively powering various industrial applications.

Industrial biomass boilers consist of the following components:

  • Storage
  • Wood conveying
  • Combustion
  • Heat exchanger
  • Flue gas cleaning

As one of the leading biomass boiler manufacturers with 35 years of UK experience, we at Ranheat produce all these major elements in our Northampton factory. We also make a range of industrial wood waste silos suitable for various projects of all fill heights, capacities, and material types.

Industrial biomass boiler costs vary depending on several factors, including your specific needs and customisation options. We encourage you to consult our team to find the best solution for your business.

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The Environmental Benefits of
Industrial Biomass Boiler Systems

Biomass combustion is an environmentally friendly energy source, as it only releases the CO2 initially absorbed by the tree during its lifespan. This makes biomass a carbon-neutral fuel option. Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider the sustainability high efficiency of the entire biomass supply chain to achieve excellent results.

As one of the leading biomass boiler manufacturers in the country, we at Ranheat prioritise environmental friendliness. We specialise in manufacturing industrial burners capable of accommodating diverse fuel types, allowing for localised utilisation renewable fuels near their source. By strategically locating biomass energy systems, such as woodworking factories in the UK, Europe, and North America, we minimise transportation distances and promote the use of the “greenest” biomass fuels available.

Safety Features in
Ranheat Systems

Biomass, wood, and dust can be extremely dangerous. As one of the UK’s most trusted industrial biomass boiler manufacturers, we at Ranheat have the knowledge and experience to ensure machine safety.

Our biomass boilers are equipped with automatic mechanically operated sprinkler systems triggered by temperature. This means if a fire were to burn back up the steam conveying system during a power outage, the sprinkler system would extinguish the fire before it could reach the fuel silo.

In addition to sprinklers, we manufacture fire chambers and conveying systems with multiple layers of protection. These systems can be designed to be air-sealed and compartmentalised to effectively slow down the spread of fire in case of an accident. We also provide options for safety switches, light gates, and safety PLCs to ensure you have systems that suit your circumstance and meet your requirements.

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What Are the Regulations for
Industrial Biomass Boilers?

Industrial biomass boiler systems are subject to specific regulations and guidelines that vary based on factors such as size, location, and fuel type. In the UK, these systems adhere to the Clean Air Act 1993, Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD), EPR Technical Note 5-1(18), and IED legislation. Similarly, European jurisdictions align with the MCPD and IED regulations, encompassing comparable guidelines for smaller systems. Meanwhile, the Republic of Ireland follows a closely aligned emission regime, ensuring consistency in environmental standards across regions.

All Ranheat systems, including our commercial biomass boilers, hold type test certification from OFGEM. This makes them suitable replacements for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI) systems.

Because we manufacture all components of our biomass boilers, individual parts can be easily acquired and seamlessly integrated into your company’ existing systems or used to create custom solutions. We can also design, make, and install bespoke industrial silos and conveying systems.

As one of the leading biomass boiler manufacturers in Europe, our expertise extends to the installation and integrating flue gas cleaning systems into older setups that require emission improvements to meet modern standards (as mandated by the MCPD for all pre-2019 systems by 2030).

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