Ranheat MSU300 – 300kW Industrial Biomass Boiler

Ranheat MSU 300

Capable of burning both virgin wood and man-made board in a variety of forms including chipboard, MDF, and OSB. Burning dust, chips and shavings. Combined in a project with a silo, an MSU 300 can take waste directly from your dust extraction unit.

The Ranheat MSU 300 has the capacity to dispose of up to 8 tons of wood waste a week and comfortably heat 3000m2 (30000ft2).



Ranheat MSU 300

Boiler Reference Number MSU 300
Water Content/l 2000
Dry Weight/kg 2500
Flow Return Pipe Dimensions 2 1/2” DN65
Safety Valve 1×1 1/4” DN32
Output at 20% Moisture Content 300kW




Turn Key Projects

Available with a Variety of Ranheat Silos and Heating Systems

Bunker silos can be a great option for integrating into existing systems. Bunkers have a lower profile than conical silos and can be fitted in place of skips under existing wood conveying outlets. Also, extremely useful if you have existing plant and machinery that tip material in the top of silos. Conical bottomed silos have greater storage to footprint ratio

Check out our range of Industrial Wood Waste Silos here.

Heating System

Industrial Biomass boilers can provide heat and thermal energy for space heating, paint shops, glueing and kilning.


Lots of Options to Customise Your Industrial Biomass Boiler to your needs

Get the System That is right for your wood

We have lots of options of MSU 300 system and this is just a small list

Smart Silo System Carbon Dioxide Savings Calculator
Fuel Usage Meters Heat Meter Recording
IOT Features Remote Access
Inverter Driven Pumps Organic Rankine Cycle Engines
Automatic base deashing Filter Deashing
Ceramic Filters Multicyclones
Safe stop conveying systems Steam Generation




Recycle your wood waste

No waste disposal costs

Burn up to 100% of wood waste

Cleaner energy

Reduce fuel miles

Save money


We can recommend the best biomass system for you.

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Ranheat have worked with business of all sizes over our 25 years of experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can consult, guide and advise on how to get the best value for money from a biomass boiler or warm air system.

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