Biomass Boilers

Are you an environmental enthusiast or a business owner who is looking for a greener alternative to a traditional heating system? If so, why not consider switching to a biomass boiler?


As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change and the need for sustainable energy solutions, biomass boilers have emerged as a remarkable technological development offering both environmental and economic advantages. At Ranheat, we design, install and manufacture an extensive range of wood waste management and biomass heating solutions. Our team of expert biomass engineers can help you find highly sustainable and reliable heating systems for leisure, commercial or industrial use.

What is a
Biomass Boiler?

Biomass boilers are innovative heating systems that harness the power of organic materials to produce heat and hot water. Unlike traditional boilers that run on fossil fuels, these heating systems utilise renewable biomass resources, making them a carbon-neutral alternative that significantly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

By harnessing the inherent energy stored in biomass materials, biomass boilers offer a cleaner and more sustainable heating option and help reduce dependence on limited fossil fuels.

Similar to conventional boilers, a biomass boiler works by burning fuel to generate energy, which is then used to heat air and water. However, it is considerably larger in size, owing to the fact that it burns wood pellets rather than gas; the boiler needs to be bigger in order to hold a significant amount of fuel.

Biomass boilers use a wide range of materials as fuel, including grain, miscanthus and chicken litter. However, the majority of these systems primarily utilise three main types of fuel: logs, wood pellets and wood chips. Each fuel type offers distinctive advantages and options depending on the circumstances.

Logs are a popular choice for those who have access to abundant woodland resources as they can lead to significant fuel savings. These systems require the logs to be manually loaded into the boiler, thus necessitating regular interaction from the owner.

Meanwhile, wood pellets are produced from compressed sawdust, a byproduct of sawmills. When connected to a bulk fuel store, pellet biomass boiler systems can operate fully automated, eliminating the need for manual filling.

As the name implies, wood chips consist of small pieces of wood chipped to a suitable size for biomass boilers. Once in the fuel store, they are automatically fed into the boiler, similar to the operation of pellet systems.

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Types of
Biomass Heating Systems

There are three types of biomass boiler you can use to heat your commercial establishment or industrial facility.

Low temperature hot water (LTHW)

Accounting for a vast majority of biomass boilers in the UK, LTHW systems are usually run at temperatures not exceeding 90°C. They are often utilised as replacements for fossil fuel boilers and to heat residential properties and commercial buildings, including offices, restaurants and hotels.

High temperature hot water (HTHW)

Compared to LTHW boilers, HTHW biomass boiler systems operate at higher export temperatures, usually around 120–280°C. As a result, they are more suitable for buildings that have a constant demand for high heat.

Steam biomass boilers

Similar to HTHW systems, steam biomass boilers run at high export temperatures and are used when there are extensive onsite process heat requirements, such as for chemical production, cooking and cleaning.

How Much Will a Biomass Boiler Cost?

The cost of a biomass boiler will vary depending on your specific requirements. Factors that can influence prices include boiler size and capacity, the complexity of the installation process, and any additional components or customisation options.

To determine the exact cost of installing a biomass boiler system, we would encourage you to consult a member of our team. We will assess your needs and evaluate your site conditions and then provide a bespoke quotation according to your specific circumstances.

Embrace Sustainable Heating Solutions with a
Biomass Boiler System

Biomass boilers offer a multitude of benefits, ranging from environmental advantages to cost savings and increased energy independence. Here are several reasons why you should consider making the switch.

Environmentally friendly and carbon neutral

Join the green revolution and significantly reduce your carbon footprint! Ranheat’s biomass boilers utilise organic materials as fuel sources, which enables them to produce heat and hot water while emitting virtually no net carbon dioxide. Choosing biomass means taking a proactive step towards combating climate change and preserving our planet for future generations.

Substantial cost savings

Say goodbye to skyrocketing heating bills and embrace cost-effective solutions! Biomass fuel sources, such as wood pellets, tend to be more affordable than traditional fossil fuels. Furthermore, depending on your location, these heating systems may qualify for government subsidies, grants and tax credits, making them even more financially attractive. By investing in a biomass boiler, you will not only save money in the long run, but you will also enjoy increased energy independence.


Whether you are a business owner or an industrial facility manager, a biomass boiler system can satisfy all your heating needs. These versatile boilers can be adjusted to a variety of settings and applications, and at Ranheat, we offer a range of boiler sizes. Moreover, as we offer bespoke solutions, we will always be able to supply the best fit for your specific requirements.

Reliability and efficiency

Enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that a Ranheat boiler will provide you with reliable and efficient heating. Our advanced technology ensures optimal combustion and heat transfer, thus maximising energy efficiency. With proper maintenance and regular servicing, our products will provide a consistent heating performance year after year.

Increased energy independence

Reduce your dependence on imported fossil fuels and take control of your energy supply. Ranheat’s biomass boiler systems are a viable alternative to finite resources, offering a sustainable and locally available energy source. By utilising biomass materials, you become less susceptible to volatile global energy prices. At the same time, you can contribute to a more stable and resilient energy infrastructure in the UK.

Better indoor air quality

Enjoy a healthier living and working environment with biomass boilers. These systems employ advanced combustion technologies to minimise emissions and ensure clean indoor air quality. Compared to traditional heating methods, sustainable boiler systems produce significantly lower levels of pollutants and particulate matter, allowing you to breathe easily and experience the comfort of sustainable heating without compromising air quality.

Positive public image and corporate responsibility

Demonstrate your dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility by installing a Ranheat biomass boiler. By choosing a green heating solution, you will not only inspire others, but you will also boost your reputation as an environmentally conscious organisation. This will in turn increase the likelihood that you will attract environmentally aware customers, partners and stakeholders.

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How Ranheat Can Help

At Ranheat, we take pride in offering cutting-edge industrial and commercial biomass boiler systems designed to meet the demanding heating needs of the industrial and commercial sectors.

Industrial biomass boilers

Our industrial biomass boiler systems provide a reliable and efficient solution for large-scale heat generation while ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to energy. With our expertise and high-quality products, we are committed to helping industrial facilities transition to cleaner energy sources and reduce their carbon footprint.

As industry experts, we understand that industrial applications have diverse requirements, which is why we offer a range of sizes, configurations and customisation options for our biomass boilers. Our team will work closely with you to design a system tailored to your specific needs.

Furthermore, our industrial biomass heating systems can seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructures or be part of a new energy solution for your industrial facility. They are also built with durability and reliability in mind, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimal downtime for your industrial processes.

Click here to learn more about our industrial biomass heating systems.

Commercial biomass boilers

As more and more businesses are seeking sustainable and cost-effective heating solutions, our commercial biomass boiler systems offer a reliable and environmentally friendly option. Designed for various commercial applications, they provide efficient heating while significantly reducing carbon emissions. With our boilers, your business can reduce energy costs, enhance your green credentials, and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

As with our industrial heating systems, we offer bespoke biomass solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. Whether you run a hotel, office building, school or other commercial establishment, we will collaborate with you every step of the way to design and install a commercial biomass boiler system that will seamlessly blend into your infrastructure and deliver a reliable heating performance.

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Other Product Offerings

We also provide high-quality parts and components that will enhance the efficiency and reliability of your biomass heating system.

Industrial wood waste silos

Manufactured in our Northampton factory, our high-quality silos have been specifically designed to cope with bulk storage of industrial wood waste. These silos have been an integral part of our industrial biomass system for over 35 years, providing reliable storage solutions for end users, system integrators and dust extraction companies. We also offer a range of silo mechanisms and form factors that can be customised to fit different spaces and accommodate various filling methods.

Wood conveyor systems

As an integral component of biomass boiler systems, our wood conveyors are designed to transport wood chips and pellets from storage areas to the boiler’s combustion chamber. They ensure a continuous and automated fuel supply, optimising the boiler’s efficiency and reducing the need for manual handling.

Ash conveyors

Our ash conveyors are optimised for the proper management and disposal of ash generated during the biomass combustion process. They transport the ash residue from the boiler’s ash collection system to storage containers or disposal areas. By efficiently removing and handling the ash, these conveyors will help maintain the cleanliness and operational efficiency of your boiler system.

Rotary valves

Our rotary valves play a crucial role in regulating the flow of biomass fuel within the boiler system by controlling the fuel’s discharge rate and preventing backflow. Designed to maintain a consistent and controlled fuel feed, our state-of-the-art rotary valves ensure proper combustion while optimising the boiler’s performance. We also offer high-temperature ash rotary valves made from cast iron.

Rubber paddle rotary valves

Our rubber paddle rotary valves are a specialised type of rotary valve commonly used in biomass boilers. Unlike standard rotary valves, they feature rubber paddles or blades, which help prevent the accumulation and bridging of wood pellets within the valve. The paddles effectively sweep the fuel through the valve, ensuring a smooth and continuous flow, minimising blockages, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the boiler system.

Biomass Boiler Design, a
Manufacturing and Installation Services

At Ranheat, we offer comprehensive boiler design, manufacturing and installation services. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, our team of skilled engineers, technicians and software experts are dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient boiler solutions.


Because each project has its own unique requirements, our design process involves careful consideration of factors such as heating needs and space constraints. Our friendly and hardworking team always work closely with our clients to create custom boiler designs that prioritise performance and energy efficiency.


With our state-of-the-art Northampton manufacturing facility, we can ensure the highest quality standards in producing biomass boilers. We utilise advanced technologies and quality control measures to manufacture durable, reliable and environmentally friendly boilers. Our commitment to craftsmanship and precision ensures that our product offerings meet or even exceed industry standards.


Our professional installation services ensure the seamless integration of biomass boilers into our clients’ existing infrastructures. Our team of experienced installation experts follow industry best practices and adhere to all the relevant safety guidelines to provide an efficient and trouble-free installation process. Furthermore, we will always strive to minimise disruption to your operations and ensure a smooth transition to biomass heating.


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