Ranheat WA150 – 150kW Industrial Biomass Warm Air Heater

Ranheat WA150

The Ranheat WA150 is the perfect machine for workshops to start automating the disposal of their wood waste. Capable of burning both virgin wood and man-made board in a variety of forms including chipboard, MDF, and OSB. Burning dust, chips and shavings. It available in with a Bagloader feeding system and fully automatic feeding system.

The Ranheat WA150 has the capacity to dispose of 0.5-4tons of wood waste a week in an automatic configuration and can heat 1500m2 (15000ft2).



Ranheat WA 150 Bagloader
The first step to save money on wood disposal and heating bills

The WA 150 Bagloader can have as little as one year return on investment depending on your current costs. The savings come from getting rid of wood disposal and skip costs, reduction or elimination of heating gas or electric heating bills.

Dust collected by your dust extraction system can be burnt directly by feeding dust into the bagloader. Depending on feed rate and burner output, a bag of dust will last for around 2 hours before requiring another bag. Small off cuts can be fed in the front.

The bagloader is ideal for businesses just starting to make use of their waste and has a much lower capital cost compared to an automatic system, while still being able to burn dust. WA 150 Bagloader system can also be upgraded at a later date to a fully automatic system by attaching a silo and conveying system.



Ranheat WA 150 Automatic

Available with a Variety of Ranheat Silos

Bunker silos can be a great option for integrating into existing systems. Bunkers have a lower profile than conical silos and can be fitted in place of skips under existing wood conveying outlets. Also, extremely useful if you have existing plant and machinery that tip material in the top of silos.

In additions to the silo options available, we have lots of other options.

Energy Saving Inverter Control

Silo Level Sensors

Automatic Winter Summer Diverter

Automatic Damper Controller for Hot Air Distribution

Ceramic Filter Flue Gas Cleaning

Check out our range of Industrial Wood Waste Silos here.


Built to last with a Modular Design

Lifetime Guarantee of Spare Parts

At Ranheat, we believe that our customers have the right to spare parts for the entire lifetime of their machine. It is also for this reason that the WA150 has a completely modular design allowing for the individual replacement of all parts.

All parts of the main combustion unit and heat exchanger can be replaced. All fans are Ranheat designed, the filtration and flue gas cleaning system are all Ranheat designed and manufactured.

WA150 can last up to 25 years plus and there are many system out there, that we still service and maintain that are older.

The Ranheat Difference

Built to Perform and to Last

Designing a Warm Air heat exchanger to last is all about keeping it cool. This is achieved by having large surface areas for heat to be exchanged, thermal inertia for the hot spots and fully welding all heat fins.

Having efficient heat transfer not only extends of the life of the heat exchanger, it also produces low Flue temperatures, reducing the wear of the Flue ducting and Induced Draft fan. This also makes the system have a large output. While lots of systems get badged as a 150kW unit, that figure is heat input. Ranheat’s WA150 150kW badge is for output heat into your factory. This makes the WA150 brilliant in both disposal and heating.

What is the difference between a WA150 & MSU150?

Both are Industrial wood waste burners, but…


a WA150 an Industrial Wood Waste Warm Air Heater while a MSU150 is an Industrial Wood Waste Boiler. A WA150 makes warm air and an MSU150 makes hot water.

This makes a difference in the heating distributions system. Warm air heaters just require a duct to move hot air around a space, while boilers require pipework feeding heat to space heaters and Air Handling Units adding additional expense. The benefit that boilers have is that it is easier to direct heat specific processes and different rooms like paints lines, spray booths and offices. While warm air systems are best for heating large continuous spaces.




Recycle your wood waste

No waste disposal costs

Burn up to 100% of wood waste

Cleaner energy

Reduce fuel miles

Save money


We can recommend the best biomass system for you.

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Ranheat have worked with business of all sizes over our 25 years of experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can consult, guide and advise on how to get the best value for money from a biomass boiler or warm air system.

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