MSU Range – Industrial Biomass Boilers

Ranheat biomass boilers use wood waste to heat hot water, which can be piped around your warehouse to your existing space heaters, or used for process heating.

Our range of industrial wood waste boilers can save you money, reducing wood waste to landfill, and providing cost effective, sustainable heat.

There are four models in the Ranheat MSU range biomass boiler:

  • MSU 150
  • MSU 300
  • MSU 450
  • MSU 600

All MSU burners can dispose of both natural and manmade wood waste products, providing heat outputs from 150-600kW and disposal for 0.5 tons to 16 tons a week.

Which biomass boiler is right for me?
Save money on wood disposal and heating bills

How much wood waste do you need to dispose of per week? Alternatively, how much heat do you need to generate? And where do you need it? Our team can advise you on the right biomass system for your business.



Wood waste boilers for industrial heating

Ranheat biomass boilers can comfortably heat various spaces within your factory, warehouse, or office premises using LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water, typically 90oC). See how much heat you could generate from your wood, chippings, shavings or dust:



Biomass boiler model Heat output Area heated (approx.)
MSU 150 150kW, 500,000Btu/hr 1500m2
MSU 300 300kW, 1,000,000Btu/hr 3000m2
MSU 450 450kW, 1,500,000Btu/hr 4500m2
MSU 600 600kW, 2,000,000Btu/hr 6000m2



Biomass boilers for industrial wood waste disposal

Use your wood waste for energy

Our range of biomass boilers suit varying amounts and types of wood waste. See how much heat you could be generating instead of using skips or landfill for your offcuts and sawdust:

Warm Air burner model Tons/Week Heat output Area heated (approx.)
MSU 150 0.5-4 150kW 500,000Btu/hr 500-1000m2
MSU 300 3-8 300kW  1,000,000Btu/hr 1000-2000m2
MSU 450 6-12 450kW 1,500,000Btu/hr 3000-4000m2
MSU 600 10-16 600kW 2,000,000Btu/hr 4000-5000m2


We also supply Warm Air heaters WA Range, and specialist custom systems for larger requirements High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) and steam for process heating.

How do Ranheat MSU Boilers work?

The short version is that your wood waste – that is, offcuts, MDF, OSB, chippings, pellets, or even dust – goes into a combustion chamber. This feed can be a manual, or automated.

The combustion fires a heat exchange process, creating hot water at around 95oC (LTHW). Take this to feed your existing heat system, direct it for process heating, or convert to warm air for space heating.

We also supply Warm Air heaters, Ranheat WA range, and specialist custom, Ranheat Multi Range, systems for High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) and steam for process heating.


Benefits of Biomass MSU Industrial Boilers

Free Energy for all your Industrial Processes

  • Efficient, targeted heat where you need it
  • Range between 150-600Kw heat output
  • Burn up to 16 tons of wood waste per week
  • Hot water and heating from industrial waste wood
  • Sustainable and green energy
  • Reduce waste to landfill
  • Measurable return on investment
  • Automatic or hand-loaded fuel input
  • Cost effective industrial heating


How much is an industrial biomass boiler?

This does depend on the requirements. We have different silo sizes, types of silos, combustion chambers so that you can get the right system for. Our MSU range typically costs between £40-250k, with most installations eventually paying for themselves in savings to the cost of wood waste disposal, and reduction in gas and electricity bills.

We have years of experience, and our team are always happy to advise which biomass boiler system is the best for your site – give us a call. Contact



Recycle your wood waste

No waste disposal costs

Burn up to 100% of wood waste

Cleaner energy

Reduce fuel miles

Save money


We can recommend the best biomass system for you.

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Ranheat have worked with business of all sizes over our 25 years of experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can consult, guide and advise on how to get the best value for money from a biomass boiler or warm air system.

We manufacture, build, install and service wood-fired heating systems throughout the UK from our base in Northampton. We provide a complete end-to-end service. With all key skills in house and no lengthy supply chains for components, we understand every inch of your install, minimising downtime.

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