Ranheat boiler servicing, maintenance and repair packages are the best way to keep your biomass systems running effectively. Regular servicing reduces the risk of outages, keeping everything running smoothly.

Our service contracts allow enormous flexibility, so you can choose the frequency, type of support and level of cover to best suit your needs.


Choose between annual, monthly or even weekly biomass boiler servicing. Our skilled team of engineers are highly qualified, understanding every aspect of your system and how to keep it firing efficiently.

Annual Ranheat service support

Service your biomass heating systems annually with a Ranheat service contract. Your biomass system will be checked and optimised by the same team who designed and built it. We know our systems inside out, so you benefit from ongoing fine-tuning for full peace of mind and effective heating. Throughout the year, our team are on hand for remote support if you need it too.

Monthly, two-monthly, or quarterly – just tell us how often you need biomass servicing support, and we’ll design a plan that works for you.

Weekly Ranheat maintenance plans

Take advantage of constant monitoring with all the Ranheat expertise on hand whenever you need it. We offer on-site and remote support packages, so you can outsource all your system queries directly to us.

Fleet service support

More than one biomass system on site? We can tailor our service support to include major or minor servicing on all your biomass heating equipment at a frequency to suit your business.

All our support plans are tailored to each customer, so you only pay for what you need. Service and support packages start from around £500 – a small price to pay for full peace of mind. Service customers also benefit from an additional 10% off labour and spare parts.

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We service biomass heating systems throughout the UK. Whatever size your system, business or team, we can design a service package that give you the support you need, at the right price and frequency to make it cost-effective.

Choose from:

  • On-site biomass boiler servicing
  • Remote troubleshooting support
  • Breakdown and repair service


Not all biomass heating services are created equal. We design, manufacture all our biomass heating and hot water systems in-house, making us experts when it comes to keeping them running at their best.

Our service contracts give you direct access to this expertise – whether remotely, or on-site – so issues are resolved quickly, easily and with the minimum of downtime.


Ranheat biomass warm air and hot water systems use smarter automation in our wood-fired combustion boilers and biomass energy systems.

We integrate 4.0 technologies to help manage your heating systems more effectively, freeing up your people, and reducing time spent managing compliance and risk. We can create automated service logs, automated feedback sensors, remote monitoring and more – one less thing to think about!

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