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The Evolution of Industrial Wood-Fired Equipment and Wood Dust Extraction Systems in the UK

Continuous refinements have been made to wood dust extraction systems, emphasising the enhanced design efficiency of the primary extract fans and the incorporation of multiple fans. An important innovation involved moving the fans to the clean side of the system. This ensured that wood waste would bypass the fan, allowing only clean air through.

18 January 2024 / Alexander Franklin

How Do You Know If You Need a Medium Combustion Plant Directive Permit?

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) permit came into effect in 2018. Nevertheless, many local authorities, the bodies supposed to implement the legislation, are unaware of the regulations and are not taking any action.

4 January 2024 / Alexander Franklin

London Mayor Seeks a Ban on Wood-Burning Stoves

Wholesale gas prices in the UK have surged six-fold in recent years, and this increase will inevitably be transferred to the woodworking industry. Fortunately, the UK woodworking industry possesses the means to alleviate its energy challenges—the answer: the wood-fired heating system.

11 December 2023 / Alexander Franklin

How Silos Ensure the Safe Storage and Handling of Industrial Wood Waste

In certain situations, wood waste is conveyed into a trailer. But what happens when the trailer is taken away to be emptied? The solution is a buffer store in the form of a silo.

25 October 2023 / Alexander Franklin

How Wood Waste Boosts the Economic Viability and Sustainability of Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution for various industries. However, the key to maximising their economic viability and sustainability lies in their ability to utilise wood waste efficiently.

27 September 2023 / Alexander Franklin