Rotary Valve RV 300

Part no. RV300STD
Manufactured in Northampton, UK.

Standard rotary valve found on all Ranheat systems from WA 150 through to MSU 1100. Allows bulk solids to be conveyed and transferred while maintaining an air seal.

Often used on the outlet to an industrial wood waste silo or bulk storage silo fed via a transfer fan or dust extraction filter. These systems can often cause a back pressure on the storage silo.

Rotary Valves are used on the outlets to Dust Extraction System to transfer wood dust out of the dust extraction system and keep the air in.

A rotary valve on the outlet to these systems stop the air movement continuing up the conveying system and emitting dust.

Ranheat uses Rotary Valves in screw conveying system for the prevention and compartmentalisation of fire. If embers are present in the industrial wood waste being conveyed, then the ember and fire can be supressed if the ember is contained in a sealed section and depriving the ember of additional oxygen or a draft. This is an important part of the safety features in the conveying system on Ranheat Industrial Wood Waste burners.

The RV 300 is suitable for use in other industries and can move other materials apart from industrial wood waste. By default, we use a hard-wearing nitrile rubber that is usable for -20oC to +100oC.  We do have variations that are food safe, however if you have custom requirements for your Rotary Valve, please get in touch.