Traditional Products Ltd

Traditional Products Ltd is a family run business that has been manufacturing wooden staircase components since 1984. As a staircase manufacturer the wood waste they produce is dry material. Our system is designed to operate with wood fuel of maximum moisture content of 20% with average moisture of 15% expressed as a percentage of the total weight.

980kW Wood Burning Equipment with Automatic Tube Cleaning
Wooden Staircase Component Manufacturer

Ranheat Engineering installed a 980kW Boiler based wood-waste burning equipment, with a 4.0m diameter, 75 m3 conical bottom silo, with Ranheat fixed retort and automatic de-ashing.

Pipework system consisting of 8 Sabiana AC610 unit heater providing spot heating to 3 areas in main factory. Automatic Tube cleaning system based on compressed air at 8 bar including air compressor.

Class 2 heat meters to comply with requirements of RHI.

Project Statistics
Business Type Wooden Staircase Component Manufacturer
Boiler 980kW Boiler
Silo 75 m3 Conical Bottom Silo
TBC Automatic Tube Cleaning
Accreditation Accredited onto the RHI Scheme