Handcraft Manufacturing get Ranheat MSU 300 to replace Existing RHI Boiler

Handcraft have specialised in affordable bespoke kichen carbinets since 1997, made and delivered with passion from their factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. They did have an existing RHI Industrial Biomass boiler that was being extremely problematic and needed replacing.

Ranheat MSU 300, Ceramic Flue Gas Filter and Boiler House
Kitchen Manufacturer, Panel Processor, MFC doors

By 2023 the existing RHI boiler at Handcraft needed replacing. Ranheat was able to quote an MSU 300 Industrial Wood Waste Boiler with Ceramic Filter and integrate with their existing silo and heating system.

While jobs integrating into existing heating systems and storage are difficult, we used a 3D laser scanner, to create a point cloud digital model of the site. Using this 3D reference we were able to “cut” out the equipment that was getting removed and put in our 3D model of our layout, complete with conveying, boiler house and pipework.

By creating digital doubles of our clients sites we are able to do more work in our Northampton factory and deliver more value for our customers.

David Dodds is the Managing Director of Handcraft. “We are really happy with the new Ranheat system. Our previous system was not keeping up with our waste production and was also having reliability issues. This was causing us to have an average waste disposal bill of £3000 a month. While OFGEM have been slow in processing the change in appliance Ranheat were able to provide all the necessary information about emission certificates, local authority part b permits required.”

Project Statistics
Business Type Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer
Boiler MSU 300 300kW Industrial Biomass Boiler
Flue Gas Cleaning Ceramic Flue Gas Filter
Vital Connection to existing Space Heating and Spray Booth
Grate Ranheat Fixed Grate
Silo Transfer System from Existing Silo to fire chamber